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Saturday, February 8, 2014

wedding week day 6

Welcome to the final day of wedding week.  Today I wanted to show you the wedding cake that My Mom and I made for the wedding (im just to tight to pay hundreds of dollars).  I wont have alot of things to tell ya today I will mainly let the pictures do the talking.   The cake is more rustic then elegant. We didn't have punch cause we offered a few other drinks tea, lemonade, coffee, hot chocolate. (no alcohol though)

these roses are some I bought at HL. They were so real looking that I had to buy them for the cake. They were in the wedding section and made up into a bridal bouquet (which I cut apart to use each rose separately).  I can make roses from icing but Sarah didn't want icing ones so we decided on these.  They were  expensive but I will be putting these into an arrangement to keep for a long time.  I did get them at 50% off though so I bought two for the price of one. I think they were around  $40.00 for both with the discount so not super bad price but not as cheap as I would have liked  LOL 

A couple more reception pics.  hope you enjoyed this weeks posts.  C U soon.   TAMMY

Me and my handsome son Matthew, who now has plans to try his hand at farming in NEW ZEALAND.  Im not really happy about that. LOL but that's just what moms do, Right!  In case you don't know, we live in southern Indiana and Matt has been going west for the last two summers working on harvest crews.

This is their dance and the guest blew bubbles, it was such a neat thing and I love the pictures. Thats my niece in the background and she was a wonderful flower girl. 

cutting the cake 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wedding week day 5

Sorry everyone, I'm a bit late posting today due to other things going on.  Today I have for you a banner that I made for the reception.  I made the banners using my cameo and the alphabet came from my cricut cartridge, Storybook (an oldie but goodie). I tell you Cricut and Silhouette can play nicely together.  The roses came from both cutting systems as well.  I showed these roses on day 2,  they are the same roses I used on my canvas layouts.  Each banner has 4 rolled roses using my AP cartridge done at varies sizes and 1 large rose using my silhouette. I also added some bling and more canvas hearts (bought on clearance) to finish up the banner. This hung behind the bridal party table.

Here is a picture of how it looked hung on our rented backdrop curtain.  I will also see here how I used this light box and a few other decor items.  The center piece was another suprise we gave her.  I had  posted it already on my blog but here is how it looked on the table.  This is the wedding party, minus the flower girl and ring bearer.  See all that heart scratter, yep I cut all that using my cameo. I also put some Ks on the tables cut from my cricut using song bird (the same ones used on the invites so you can see those from day 1. 
Remember that material I used at the church, well here is the bridal party's table covered in that same material. I made the table cloths and the skirts (first time making skirts too) I was proud of my accomplishment. Pats self on back.  LOL  The cake table had the same cloths and skirts. I will be showing the cake My mom and I made tomorrow on the last day of my wedding week.  Have no fear though, Lots of scrapbooking coming up.
While I'm here on this picture I want to show you the bowl and dollie arrangements (seen in the above picture).  I purchased like 45 of these things (all at 50% off) at joanns.  I bought some navy blue vinyl from there as well and I cut out the word LOVE using my cameo and put that on each bowl. We then bought some navy Tulle and tied a bow on top, added some pea gravel (this was so much cheaper then anything else we priced) placed a small candle inside and walla , instant romance lighting LOL    The dollie was cut using a file from the silhouette store (sorry dont have the # handy ).  Here is a close up of one of the arrangements as it sits on one of our guest tables.

Here are some more wedding pictures.  Instead of rice we had our guest blow bubbles as the bride and groom exited the church. It created a great picture.  What awaited them was Yet another suprise that neither one of them (bride or groom ) ever expected.
A stretch limo ride to the reception. Boy that was tough keeping this little secret and for months too.

 At the reception.

Hope you all come back  tomorrow for my final day of wedding week.  I will be showing the cake and a couple more wedding pictures.  I will be taking our HS wrestling team to regionals tomorrow,  so I will be working the biggest part of the day, but I sure hope to get in some scrapping sometime over the weekend cause I have 382 wedding pics to get into a scrapbook.  LOL    hint   i dont think all of them will make it to the scrapbook but I bet alot of them do.  LOL  C U tomorrow.     Hugs Tammy

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wedding week day 4

Welcome to day 4 of my Wedding week postings.  Today I am showing you the glass blocks that I made using my cameo, frost paint and lights.  I had purchased these block over a yr ago and had plans to use them to make glass lighted blocks and never got them done and I'm so glad I didn't cause they worked out great for wedding decor.  I had to paint them with frost paint then figure out what to put on them.  I went to my silhouette store and found several that I could use so off I went cutting .   I didn't do alot of extra embellies on these cause I didn't want them to look to frilly (if you know what I mean) lol .  They were a great little decor for the wedding and also at the reception.  The reception was held at a different church due to dance policies the wedding church has in place.

This was used at the wedding church

This was used on the cake table at the reception

sorry I don't have the lights turned on in this pic but just wanted to show them all to you.  We didn't get picture of all them where we used them so I just snapped this pic here in my cave. The bride and groom one was used on the bridal party table ( u will see a picture later)   All the others were used in windows at the reception. 

This is my walk down the isle 

Sarahs walk down the isle 

during the ceremony


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding week Day 3

This is some decor we put up inside the church.  I had seen this in some pictures at the rental place we used for a couple of items so we decided to do it. It is on both sides of the isle she walks down.   I made the bows with my bow maker and the material is some I got at HL.  I found the material on a super good price and then used a coupon on it so I got it at a great deal.  I also used this to make skirts and table cloths for some of the tables at the reception.  Alot of this ribbon I bought during Christmas on like 70% off sale,  but all the rest was 50% off.  It is Christmas ribbon but the color was what we were looking for so it worked out great. 
We didn't seat our guest by Bride and Groom sides, so I made this sign using my Cameo and some navy blue vinyl I purchased at Js.  This is an old window frame that I found at a yard sale and instantly new what I would use it for.  I love old things so this will be used for a decoration in my house when I decide what to put on it.  I purchased the unfinished  picture frame at the top and painted it with some clearanced campaign color paint and added the bow and picture.  The navy bow with made using my bow maker.  I draped some of that material on the back, so the sign could be read easier. I don't remember the font names that I used.

putting on the vail 

Me being silly, Adam Im not so sure likes the sillyness. LOL  I love his expession in this picture. So serious!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wedding week day 2

Good Tuesday Morning to everyone, hope all is going well. Today is day 2 of my wedding week and I will be showing you 3 projects that I did for decor.  They are 3 canvas Layouts that I did using the bride and grooms engagement pictures. We displayed these at the church where the guest came into the church.
This canvas came from Close to my Heart as a kit that included some chip board, a stamp set and some other things but I strayed big time from the suggested layout. lol   I used the included bakers twine, some of the bling and chipboard pieces then added the canvas hearts that I bought on clearance and made the roses with my cameo and my E2 using the close to my heart ART PHILOSOPHY cart for the rolled roses.  I made several of these roses for the wedding and dreamed of them at night.  LOL  In other words I MADE ALOT of them. I will be keeping this canvas for myself. 

 For these two canvas's I used a couple of 12x12 store bought canvas frames.  I used some of the same paper that I used for the invites for the borders and picture layers. I used a couple of stamps to stamp the love and flourish using some matalic campaign paint (bought on clearance).  I also used a Martha Steward border punch along the inside edge of the blue borders.   The cut out hearts are from my cameo. To finish up the Layout, I used some bling and some pearls.  I will be giving one of these to my daughter and the other to Adams (the groom) mom. These two layouts were meant to be a double page layout, but I made it so they both work as a single as well, so it will be neat that Sarah has one and so does her mom-in- law.

Here is how we displayed them.  We had a simple wedding, so we didn't do alot of extra decorating.
I hope you are enjoying my wedding week, more to come tomorrow.

Here is a corner shot in black and white. They didn't see each other because this is before the wedding.
LOVE the black and white pictures.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wedding Week post 1 The Invitations/w video

Good Monday morning everyone, hope your weekend went well.  Today is the 1st day of my wedding week that I've been promising my blog followers for weeks. In case you just happened upon my blog, my daughter got married in December 2013 and most of it was DIY so that meant making most of the decor and other necessities that a wedding requires. lol  Today I will be showing the invites that I made using my scrappy supplies.  I made over 80 of these, so they needed to be as simple as possible but I also wanted them to have a hint of elegance as well. To some, I probably didn't meet that requirement but for us the design worked out great and we were (my daughter and I) very pleased with the end result.   For these invites I used a variety of different supplies such as my cricut, cuddlebug, ribbon, liquid pearls and 3 different papers.  I made this video back in November and was planning on posting it then but decided later to just have a wedding week sometime after the wedding, so keep that in mind as you watch, you haven't missed any wedding post.  lol  I hope you enjoy watching and if you have any ?s you are welcome to contact me via my blog contact me button.
Hope you enjoy watching.

Dad attempting to put on her new pearl necklace we surprised her with. This was 1 of 3 surprises for her wedding. We did have to tell her early about this cause she was wanting to buy something for herself for the wedding. She was super surprised and loved the necklace and earring set. 

The groom playing some pool before the wedding. I think he was just trying to ward off the jitters. LOL 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Daughter with her Daddy 

The Ireland Family, before the wedding so I can still claim her as an Ireland in this picture. wink wink
 Thats my handsome Son Matthew standing beside his sister and of course my husband of 30 yrs next to me.
 I will be sharing more pictures during wedding week so stay tuned. I will add one or two of the groom as well. LOL We love you ADAM 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

All dressed up with somewhere to go.    YEP thats me in the blue.  Pic is taken shortly before the ceremony.   Back tomorrow with yet another wedding shot.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sarah's hair up- due for her big day.  We both were at the beauty shop by 9 am that morning.  

Ok everyone, Keep in mind that I don't wear MAKE-UP at all, but for Sarah's big day I let her give her ole mom a mini make over.  LOL      Back tomorrow with another pic or two.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sneak Peak of the wedding

My Beautiful daughter in her wedding gown on December 28th 2013
Today I decided to show my followers a picture of Sarah on her special day. I will be posting a picture or two in a post per day till my wedding week coming up next week where I will be showing some crafting wedding projects that I did for her big day.  This picture was taken before the wedding so she isnt married yet. Can you see how happy she is by that big ole smile (those braces we worked so hard for a few years ago were so worth the investment, if only for this beautiful smile.)  I love this kid so very much, but I have to admit that Im so very glad I dont have to be totally in charge of another wedding. LOL

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good afternoon everyone, hope you are having a great week.  It is cold here today so Im staying in as much as possible, so I thought it may be a good time to schedule some blog post for my Wedding week.  I finally got the pictures back from our photographer so I am planning my wedding week for next week the first week in February. YAY. In case you are new to my blog, My daughter got married right after Christmas and I made several items using my cricut and silhouette machine (mainly used the latter) and I will be showing some of those next week.    I am very pleased with the pictures we got, and Layouts are forming in my head LOL. Ive been buying up embellies and papers to complete our albums with ( im making two of them alike, one for me and one for my Daughter) so the expense is doubled but Ive been fortunate to find several things on good clearance prices of well over 50% off, so thrilled about that.
    Today, before I get started on my wedding projects for next week I wanted to show you a layout that I completed a while back that is 98% a scrap lift, other then papers and some small difference that I used on my layout the entire design is lifted. I dont normally scraplift but I couldn't resist this one.   I even purchased the svg file that the designer use, which is now retired and cant be purchased, so Im so glad I got in on the file before it went away. More details on the file site in a bit.  I would like to share the info of the designer whom I lifted my Layout from. I was surfing the net one day and came across a video by Faithabigaildesigns on YouTube and boy am I glad I did. I absolutely Love her style. For all my cricut fans, she also has some awesome cricut layout videos. Most of her more recent vids are svg cut file layouts but she does have cricut ones as well so check them out.  BUT with the new cricut coming in Feb. you will be able to stick with cricut and cut all these wonderful files yourself (if you get the new machine). A reminder though the file that I used is retired.   Its bit late for me to purchase this new machine but I honestly still would prefer the cameo because you can cut without being on the net, other then that the new machine seems to be awesome. Ok enough talk let see the Layout.   Oh and here is the link to faith's Layout as well. http://www.faithabigaildesigns.com/2013/07/night-before-christmas-12x12-double.html
The site that I bought the file from is called http://littlescrapsofheavendesigns.com/

Hope you enjoy my Layout and Faith's as well and I want to THANK Faith for designing this awesome layout and then letting my scraplift it.  Hugs to you Faith.
                                                                   DBLE page layout
                                                                           Page 1
                                                                  page one close up
                                                                   page one close up
                                                                           page 2
                                                                           page 2 close up
                                                                 page 2 close up

 Hope you like my scrap lifted dble page layout and make sure you check out Faith's blog as well for more awesome layouts. I will be back next week with my wedding week. I may post a pic or two of the wedding to get you excited.  LOL   Hugs to all.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good Saturday Morning everyone, I am out on a bus trip today with our High School Band so there will be no scrappin for me today (maybe tonight if I feel up to it). I wanted to get this post up for you before I start all the wedding stuff (still waiting on pictures from our photographer).  I have a Halloween Layout that I did for me niece last yr. I have had it done for some time but just haven't had the time to post it with all the wedding planning and such. This was made, at one of those times when wedding planning had to take a back seat so I could regroup and then right back to wedding I went. lol  For this Layout I used my cameo again and used some cut files from the silhouette store and also from miss Kate's cuttables.  I had a fun time making this one. I especially love the back ground paper, looks just like a starry clear night. Its black glitter paper purchased at Js (cordinations).  Hope you like,  if you have any ?s I will be happy to answer them, just use the contact me button on my blog to send me an email.    Enjoy!